Game Changer for All Local Businesses.

Welcome to PDQ2, your trusted partner for connecting local businesses with professional drivers specialising in takeaways, restaurants, grocery shops and retail outlets.

In today's business landscape, many businesses turn to delivery platforms such as Uber Eats, Just Eat and Deliveroo. However, this convenience often comes at a steep price, with commission fees reaching up to 35% of daily gross sales. Alternatively, maintaining an in-house fleet of vehicles and hiring reliable drivers can be financially challenging due to fluctuating demands.

With PDQ2, businesses can access drivers precisely when needed, empowering them to promote their own ordering websites without raising prices for customers, especially during the current cost-of-living crisis.

By bypassing high-commission platforms, businesses can pass on savings to loyal local customers, enhancing brand reputation within the community.

Our platform offers a low-cost pick-up and delivery service, giving businesses a competitive edge against delivery giants. This is a game-changer for independent businesses in various sectors.

Local customers enjoy express delivery services within 10 minutes per mile for distances up to 3 miles.

Join the revolution with PDQ2. Access our low-cost driver network instantly through the PDQ2 Driver App.

Why Choose PDQ2?

Say Goodbye to Driver Recruitment Hassles: Let PDQ2 handle all aspects of legal driver hiring and management for you.

Effortless Delivery: Seamlessly manage delivery orders directly through our platform.

Drive Your Own Success: Take full control of your business's delivery operations and grow your direct sales.

Build Direct Relationships with Your Customers: Establish meaningful connections with both regular and new customers.

Receive Direct Payments: Get payments straight to your bank account directly from customers.

Personalized Service: Benefit from your own marketing solution tailored to meet the unique needs of your business and customers.

Offer Additional Discounts: Watch your sales soar by providing a click-and-collect option with extra discounts.

What We Collect and Deliver: Takeaway food and drinks - Groceries up to 14 Items - Parcels up to 6kg: Maxmum Box Size: L16 x W12 x H12 inches.

Did you know? According to an investigation by the BBC and GB News, third-party platforms fail to ensure the identity of their delivery drivers.

The 'substitution' practice poses risks to customer safety, your business reputation and brand integrity.

Deliveries may involve individuals with questionable backgrounds, including illegal immigrants, criminals, exploited cash based low wages and modern-day slave labour.

If you value your business and reputation, read the complete or watch the full GB News Report 1: Report 2:

Elevate Your Business: Boost your reputation and foster direct customer loyalty by featuring your own exclusive ordering and delivery platform. Ensure customer safety and brand integrity with our innovative PDQ2 App.

Protect Your Brand and Reputation: Avoid Unethical Ordering Platforms.


We're actively seeking partnerships with local takeaways, restaurants, grocery outlets and retailers interested in offering express delivery within 10 minutes per mile for distances up to 3 miles.

PDQ2 is expanding its services across Sussex, covering key areas like Brighton & Hove, Eastbourne and Haywards Heath and more.

Join PDQ2 and revolutionise your business. Save on driver fees, avoid high commission rates, and build direct customer relationships.